Birds are free to roam from 9 weeks of age.

ISA Brown Layer Pullet – trained to perch from day old.

New silos for optimal feed storage and preservation of nutrients.

State of the art controllers to supply optimal conditions for pullets to point of lay (POL).

State of the art nipple drinkers for delivery of fresh water, even growth rate, vaccine optimisation and dry litter.

ISA Brown Layer Pullets. Not debeaked.

Water gauges, water filters and water meters to ensure birds are getting optimal water intake at all times.

Latest heating technology to ensure birds have the best possible start in life.

State of the art feeders for optimum feed delivery. Feed supplied by Ridley Agriproducts for optimum growth and uniformity. All feed pelleted / crumbled to guarantee precise delivery of nutrients.

Birds are weighed 24/7 to ensure they are achieving the ideal growth standards. This leads to bigger eggs and better production.

We rear our own birds from 1 day old right through to Point of Lay.
We control temperatures, feed type and quality, vaccinations, hygiene etc.