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Welcome to Yellingbofreerangehens.com.au where we produce the highest quality pullets for your operation. We specialise in producing pullets for the true free range egg market.
About Us

Welcome to our Farm

Yellingbo Free Range Hens produces Started Pullets for any size operation from a single bird to many thousands.

We know that a Hens ability to lay eggs is determined by how well its reared. We use our state of the art facilities to control temperature, feed, water and light to give the bird the best opportunity.

We use only the best quality feeds from Barastoc.

YellingBo Free Range Hens

Our approach

Our farming practices is one of the core aspects of our business that sets us apart.

We are involved in every aspect of the birds life. We rear the birds from day old in state of the art facilities. We personally vaccinate and worm the birds. We also provide extensive in-shed perching and the ability to range outdoors from 9 weeks of age. This allows birds to settle very quickly in any new environment.

We offer delivery at a very competitive rate

Currently our birds are 100% ISA and they are not debeaked. We follow a comprehensive vaccination and worming program giving your birds the best opportunity to live a prosperous life.


Our Promise

Our goal is to produce only the highest-quality stock when it comes to poultry.

We’re making our goal our promise – ensuring all our products and stock are delivered to you directly from our farm. All of our hens are well-cared through our facilities both indoor and outdoors.


Contact our Farm

If you’d like to learn more about farm, or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Call us on: 0438079871